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Knowledge Organisers

What are knowledge organisers and what are their benefits?

A Knowledge Organiser is a go-to document for a topic/unit of work that provides a "bigger picture." Each one identifies the key facts and information that children need to have learned by the end of a topic. We want children to gain specific knowledge and skills over time. Knowledge organisers play a useful role here as they focus on one subject or topic and grow in complexity over the year groups, building on the children's prior learning. They also act as a tool to support children in making links, retaining and retrieving knowledge for life-long learning.  

We have developed our own Knowledge Organisers to support the delivery of the Curriculum, Each organiser poses questions, includes key content and  provides a list of technical vocabulary with definitions. These are matched carefully to the year group and collectively, provide a clear progression in knowledge and skills. Copies of our progression maps can be found under the "Curriculum progression" tab on our school website. 

Please click on the tabs to view the termly knowledge organisers for each class.